Found an old roll of film the other day and decided to develop it! Got to relive some of the memories when I went to Kyoto & Nara last fall.. ↓

Also, a cool track I found tonight to listen to along with it. Press play and enjoy!


chill deer

moss temple

satomi deer

wobble deer

If you’ve been out in Tokyo, you know exactly what this video is talking about. While Japan values hard work, people are also extremely willing to forgive drunken mishaps for this very reason.

Yet, the fact that one can lay asleep in the street and wake up with iPhones and credit cards still in possession certainly reenforces both Tokyo’s reputation as a paradise of public order and or consideration for other people no matter how intoxicated they may be.

Nevertheless, brilliant way to spread awareness of excess drinking.

Cheers to the weekend!:)

Kyoto: Through a Thousand ‘Torii’ Gates

“As a writer, I feel a certain humility in trying to describe Kyoto. It is an exquisite city, elegant and complex and filled with layer upon layer of subtle meaning. One could spend a lifetime trying to describe it and not do more than scratch its surface.”Lori


I toured beautiful, freaky, and very moving Buddhist temples as well as some slightly boring castles. Saw a pair of geishas walking to work in the entertainment district and a whole passel more arriving by taxi. I drank wine with a friend I met in Hong Kong and poked through shops and even got to see my uncle and cousin in town. But mostly I just walked around Kyoto, looked at old buildings and stuffed my face. Maybe it was best I left when I did. Three days of that was fantastic; more might have convinced me to stay.

Photos: By me

Music: About You by XXYYXX


Hanami in Tokyo, Japan: beneath the cherry blossoms

In Japan, the year is divided by events of nature. Cherry blossoms. Fireflies. The autumn moon. The changing colours of the leaves. Japanese people admire these signs of change in nature and celebrate them. Hanami, or cherry blossom viewing party is a significant event in the calendar symbolizing the beginning of spring. In my opinion, one of the best times to be in Japan…I mean, what’s better than drinking, laughing, eating, chatting under the warm sun?

Here are some iPhone snaps:

At the imperial palace gardens

On a run before work, by my house…

Party people in Yoyogi park

Samurai gang