A few snaps from a trip to the Philippines ( Coron, Puerto Princesa, and Boracay) and a playlist that let’s me pretend like I’m on the beach again. Enjoy!

000012c 750 steps of Mt. Tapyas. We did it for sunset and was tricked into doing sunrise.  000008p Mode of transport 000010p “FoodTrip” 000011p Coca-Cola butterfly 000013p Family outing 000024c @ Patrik and Tezz guest house 000028p Island hopping 000021p Sunscreen babe 000022p “it’s alive!!” 000017c Kayangan Lake: The cleanest lake in the Philippines 000028c Up-cycling Coconuts 000025c Self-explanatory.  000023p Our overnight trip to a private island, Pass Island. 000015 Swiss legends  000011 Not the best shot of Maya and I  000019 The view from our window in Boracay (@Spider House Resort) 000027 Reunited with my dear friend Arya from Jakarta.  000020Sunset viewing from our window. ♥

I have quite a bit of travels photos to post soon. Keep an eye out for it! Here’s some inspiration for the time being. Click on Solipsist if you have troubles viewing.

SOLIPSIST from Andrew Thomas Huang on Vimeo.

Hats off to all involved.



Hanami in Tokyo, Japan: beneath the cherry blossoms

In Japan, the year is divided by events of nature. Cherry blossoms. Fireflies. The autumn moon. The changing colours of the leaves. Japanese people admire these signs of change in nature and celebrate them. Hanami, or cherry blossom viewing party is a significant event in the calendar symbolizing the beginning of spring. In my opinion, one of the best times to be in Japan…I mean, what’s better than drinking, laughing, eating, chatting under the warm sun?

Here are some iPhone snaps:

At the imperial palace gardens

On a run before work, by my house…

Party people in Yoyogi park

Samurai gang