Found an old roll of film the other day and decided to develop it! Got to relive some of the memories when I went to Kyoto & Nara last fall.. ↓

Also, a cool track I found tonight to listen to along with it. Press play and enjoy!


chill deer

moss temple

satomi deer

wobble deer

Kyoto: Through a Thousand ‘Torii’ Gates

“As a writer, I feel a certain humility in trying to describe Kyoto. It is an exquisite city, elegant and complex and filled with layer upon layer of subtle meaning. One could spend a lifetime trying to describe it and not do more than scratch its surface.”Lori


I toured beautiful, freaky, and very moving Buddhist temples as well as some slightly boring castles. Saw a pair of geishas walking to work in the entertainment district and a whole passel more arriving by taxi. I drank wine with a friend I met in Hong Kong and poked through shops and even got to see my uncle and cousin in town. But mostly I just walked around Kyoto, looked at old buildings and stuffed my face. Maybe it was best I left when I did. Three days of that was fantastic; more might have convinced me to stay.

Photos: By me

Music: About You by XXYYXX