Tsukiji, Japan: the freshest sushi in Japan i.e. the world…

Mao, Denisha, and I decided to go on an early morning adventure one fine Saturday morning to Tsukiji—the world’s largest marketplace for seafood. As the meter ticked away Yen as if it were seconds on a digital clock, I thought to myself why do I do this to myself? But the second I entered the rustling bustling Tsukiji fish market, I was so happy to have the opportunity to experience it. Tens of thousands of tons of seafood from every ocean of the world quickly change hands in Tsukiji’s auctions and in the marketplace’s hundreds of tiny stalls.

I’m not a morning person, so luckily the earlier Roppongi club scene prepared me for a bit of the chaos. There were trucks backing in to unload tuna, as well as a barrage of small, fast vehicles that seemed like go-carts. Add to that bikes, and men pushing wheel barrels along the wet fish filled ‘roads’. No matter where I went – I always seem to be in the way.

Our guide (Mr. Sugimura) told us that the some of these Tuna sold for a mere $15,000 US. Yup, you heard that right. I stared at the expensive tuna and thought about how it costs more than all the money I have earned in my whole life combined. Then, I thought about how this was the middle man price – then it had to be cut up and sold in smaller chunks to restaurants and grocery stores, and by the time I paid for it – it was only a small piece of that $15,000. For any of you that wonder why sushi is so expensive – well…everyone needs their cut and if it already starts at $15,000 you do the math. I really don’t believe there is a ton of mark up on sushi any longer!

Probably the best sushi I’ve ever had.



I did a little traveling with Mike before school in Copenhagen, Denmark. Here are some colorful photos of Paris. Ah, what a beautiful city with SUCH delicious food. I definitely had to remind myself to “eat with my eyes” before I devoured them.. enjoy!


La tour eiffel


Oscar Wilde's grave

Kissing the grave! gross when I think back..

In the Opera

Uniqlo, Paris: "The Innovative Brand from Japan"

Jocelyne took us to a lovely French lunch!

Notre Dame

Bone marrow!

Crape for dinner!

We stayed with Mrs. and Mr Adaniya for our whole stay in Paris.. thx!