A couple of doors down..


Uniqlo has launched today a 12-story flagship store  in Tokyo, in the main street of Ginza, just a couple of doors down from the A&F store I work at. It will be the chain’s biggest store  and will have staff able to speak in English, Korean, Chinese, Spanish and French. Apparently approximately 20% of the employees working at this store is non-Japanese to best serve customers from all over the world shopping in Ginza, known as the home of the most sophisticated and luxurious shops in the country. Smart.

CEO Tadashi Yanai has stated that Uniqlo plans to open 200 to 300 more stores per year worldwide to boost its global presence and compete with bigger fast retailing chain stores like the Gap and Zara from Spain! It was quite lively with the continuous line outside of the store this weekend in Ginza!


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