Château de Versailles…

Completely blew me away! & needs it’s own separate post!

Here are the numbers… pretty ridiculous, don’t you think?

Floor space 67,000 m2
Number of windows 2,153
Number of rooms 700
Staircases 67
Paintings in the museum’s collection 6,123
Drawings in museum’s collection 1,500
Engravings in museum’s collection 15,034
Sculptures in museum’s collection 2,102

Mary Antoinette's estate

Domaine de Marie-Antoinette

The "Love Temple" in Marie-Antoinette's Estate

The garden of Versaille

Man in tights and heels!



I did a little traveling with Mike before school in Copenhagen, Denmark. Here are some colorful photos of Paris. Ah, what a beautiful city with SUCH delicious food. I definitely had to remind myself to “eat with my eyes” before I devoured them.. enjoy!


La tour eiffel


Oscar Wilde's grave

Kissing the grave! gross when I think back..

In the Opera

Uniqlo, Paris: "The Innovative Brand from Japan"

Jocelyne took us to a lovely French lunch!

Notre Dame

Bone marrow!

Crape for dinner!

We stayed with Mrs. and Mr Adaniya for our whole stay in Paris.. thx!