A few snaps from a trip to the Philippines ( Coron, Puerto Princesa, and Boracay) and a playlist that let’s me pretend like I’m on the beach again. Enjoy!

000012c 750 steps of Mt. Tapyas. We did it for sunset and was tricked into doing sunrise.  000008p Mode of transport 000010p “FoodTrip” 000011p Coca-Cola butterfly 000013p Family outing 000024c @ Patrik and Tezz guest house 000028p Island hopping 000021p Sunscreen babe 000022p “it’s alive!!” 000017c Kayangan Lake: The cleanest lake in the Philippines 000028c Up-cycling Coconuts 000025c Self-explanatory.  000023p Our overnight trip to a private island, Pass Island. 000015 Swiss legends  000011 Not the best shot of Maya and I  000019 The view from our window in Boracay (@Spider House Resort) 000027 Reunited with my dear friend Arya from Jakarta.  000020Sunset viewing from our window. ♥

Banana Pancakes and Arak: Amed & Ubud, Indonesia

Finally made it to Amed...after 4 hours on a motorbike!

had to take one of those "I'm a cultured humanitarian"-kind of picture...

best snorkle of my life!

Arak time!.....more lime and honey plz

Nick and Bennette


Wondering around Ubud

Leaf art


Ubud Shopping

Haggle market

Sweet ride home!


Where the sky meets the sea: Pulau Pramuka (Thousand Islands), Indonesia

Absolutely ridiculous weekend in the Thousand Islands with a friend from the UK.

non googlemapable

island babe

🙂 🙂 🙂

This song plays in my ears every time I revisit these photos..

Bali Ha\’i

Where the sky meets the sea...

our captain

2nd in command

island hoppin'


white sand & clear water. ❤

snorkling attempts.

ending the perfect weekend