The Island of Gili, Indonesia

I feel like I’ve been stumbling upon one dream location after another in Indonesia…but I must say, Gili is hard to beat. It is the sheer definition of island paradise.

"No Gula Please"

Jules on a mission


Paradise found.

mystery sea creature


kick back the sand

and watch..

the sunset!

dream team 🙂


cradle of Javanese culture: Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Wall carvings @ Borobudur temple

Our lovely tour guide

The attraction.

The tourists.


Koi. lots of it.

Three ladies on the move

Merapi volcano trailhead


show me fear!

i mean...fierce!

Whose idea it was to build the Indonesian city of half a million people right slap on one of the most seismically active parts of Java, with the inevitable results….Earthquakes and volcano eruptions? Sometimes in this country you have to stop wondering and accept the Indonesian way…

Borobudur, by the way, is a massive (The largest monument in the southern hemisphere!) symmetrical stupa wrapped around a small hill.  One of the world wonders!!


Where the sky meets the sea: Pulau Pramuka (Thousand Islands), Indonesia

Absolutely ridiculous weekend in the Thousand Islands with a friend from the UK.

non googlemapable

island babe

🙂 🙂 🙂

This song plays in my ears every time I revisit these photos..

Bali Ha\’i

Where the sky meets the sea...

our captain

2nd in command

island hoppin'


white sand & clear water. ❤

snorkling attempts.

ending the perfect weekend


One Dozen Photos: The Jakarta Way

...and now I've entered a predominantly Muslim country

On a public bus

Traffic is worse than LA here.... yup, it's possible!

hmmm....on a cab ride to work...

By my apartment...

Typical Indonesian Pedang Food

Street food.. 50%+ of them are fried...

Our daily walk back from work...

On the short (blue) bus...

...among many many motorbikes.

mystery fruits

rice everyday.


Weekend Gateaway: Cimaja, Indonesia

Good Morning, Cimaja. -From our villa balcony

Inside our vila/treehouse!


balcony bed


owner's pet bird!

kids playing outside our villa

...and we head over to this beach-side shop for surf rentals/food

@ Surf Culture Restaurant & Bar

Surf Culture Restaurant & Bar

Surf Culture Restaurant & Bar

Crew of the weekend

Admiring the local surfers...

fishing boat on the beach

Sunset time!

dinner time?

fresh fish it is!!!

and best shrimp in my life!!!

post-dinner bonfire

fire in the air!!

Woken up by the sun rise...




Off on our van to home sweet Jakarta!