Word from the Street – Berlin, Germany

I went back to Berlin this last weekend. This time, I traveled with my two lovely flat/dorm mates…

Nandini (from North Carolina… but originally from India) &

Jules (from New Zealand).

There must be tens of thousands of graffiti scattered all over the city of Berlin. You can find them on walls, buildings, pavements, polls, toilets, and the list goes on and on.. These pictures could only show a tiny fragment of that fabulous wealth of art and self-expression, but I tried to capture the spirit… enjoy.

“Smiling makes me thin”… the dotted line with the cut&go label is by another artist who only does that around “good” pieces of graffiti art.

Done by artist named Ash. At night there is the shadow of a nearby flag projected just beneath astronaut´s hand.. the flag waves as the astronaut stays still.

“Love Art Hate Cops” done by a graffiti street art group called ‘Just’.

Done by the twins Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo, known as Os Gemeos

By the famous Noma Bar

Done by BLU. You might recognize his work through this famous youtube video—>

“Time for Revollusion” done by Nasan Tur

Another one by BLU

Can you see Space Invader?

Our tour guide!

A few more..

We also works done by Borf!, Buff Monster, Alias etc.

For those who have absolutely NO knowledge on street art. (aham… mom & dad) I recommend the movie, Exit through the Gift Shop –>


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