Thanksgiving dinner(s)..

#1: In Venice with Jennifer and her classmates.

Vegetarian Thanksgiving with the art students!

the only meat on the table.. salami!

pizza 1

pizza 2


stuffing ourselves..

apple pie.. we named her martha.

Martha and Ice cream

#2: In Copenhagen with my flat mates & friends.



and mashed potatoes, green beans, gravy, stuffing, corn bread. we had it all!

the lovely host (used her room!)

pumpking pie (actually made from real pumpkins..)


#3: In Copenhagen with some American and Danish friends.

Unfortunately this is the only documentation from that dinner.. it was delicious. Thank you Brian and Jesper for hosting the dinner!


Thanks for looking at my blog!

Happy thanksgiving.


Istanbul, Turkey 2

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My short stay in Istanbul was a my camera usually pointed in the general direction of a cat or two. I thought it deserved it’s own section.



Istanbul, Turkey

Where East meets West.