Tokyo: Finding an Apartment. Check.

So if any of you plan on living in Tokyo someday, you should know finding an apartment is very easy …if you are a millionaire. Cost of living in Tokyo is legendary for being one of the most expensive places in the world, and real estate prices are especially out of this world! I decided to live a little bit out of the city to save a bit of a money and to avoid living in a shoe box. My commute door-to-door is about 40minuts, thankfully without transferring subway lines, and I actually quite enjoy the more traditional rustic charm in this part of Tokyo, over the super busy neon light-filled ‘more happening’ central area. Thanks to my realtor お部屋探しCAFEヘヤギメ!, I have a place to live within my budget! Here’s a small preview 🙂

a walk in closet... for my first time my life!!! 🙂




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