First few weeks

The first two weeks of Copenhagen just zipped by! It’s been pretty crazy meeting bizillions of people (mostly other exchange students) from all over the world during the Danish crash course week and Intro week. I think I’ve been out and about doing something most nights here and really been trying to get oriented in the city during the day time. I have a bike now, my school schedule is finally set, and most importantly, made friends! 🙂 Mike came to visit on his way to Switzerland too. It was quite nice to see a familiar face.

This is from the Meat packing district. This place is literally where slaughter houses are during the day time, but then transforms into a funky/indie/alternative bar-scene at night! They even had a fire going!

A bridge where lovers put locks with their names on them. The little lock on the big lock means they had a child!

This is inside a CBS buildings. Very modern… very Danish in design. I love it.

I found chili!

A surprise visit from Sean!.. a friend of my father.

Over all, I’m loving the public transportation, biking and walking, outdoor cafes, laid-back atmosphere, the blue skies, and the great people that I’ve met (especially from my flat!).. I am not loving that I don’t understand Danish, the lack of spicy food (except for the one time I found chili at a Lebanese food stand), and I feel like there’s not enough hours in a day to accomplish everything!


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