Yellow and orange are not my colors. However, this mustard hue that I’ve been spotting? That, I can get happy with . . .




A few snaps from a trip to the Philippines ( Coron, Puerto Princesa, and Boracay) and a playlist that let’s me pretend like I’m on the beach again. Enjoy!

000012c 750 steps of Mt. Tapyas. We did it for sunset and was tricked into doing sunrise.  000008p Mode of transport 000010p “FoodTrip” 000011p Coca-Cola butterfly 000013p Family outing 000024c @ Patrik and Tezz guest house 000028p Island hopping 000021p Sunscreen babe 000022p “it’s alive!!” 000017c Kayangan Lake: The cleanest lake in the Philippines 000028c Up-cycling Coconuts 000025c Self-explanatory.  000023p Our overnight trip to a private island, Pass Island. 000015 Swiss legends  000011 Not the best shot of Maya and I  000019 The view from our window in Boracay (@Spider House Resort) 000027 Reunited with my dear friend Arya from Jakarta.  000020Sunset viewing from our window. ♥

two of my favorite days this summer. ↓


omatsuri boy                          dancing man                              kingyo

the neighborhood omatsuri (Japanese festival!)
omatsuri girl



omatsuri head

day ↑ & night ↓

pineapple head


t & m

rando stussy couple


cute couple ♥

nobbi and glenn

たかし & みりあ ♪

takashi millia


mai & wes

Len’s 20th!


good bye summer, hello fall! 

If you’ve been out in Tokyo, you know exactly what this video is talking about. While Japan values hard work, people are also extremely willing to forgive drunken mishaps for this very reason.

Yet, the fact that one can lay asleep in the street and wake up with iPhones and credit cards still in possession certainly reenforces both Tokyo’s reputation as a paradise of public order and or consideration for other people no matter how intoxicated they may be.

Nevertheless, brilliant way to spread awareness of excess drinking.

Cheers to the weekend!:)


Have a marblelous Monday! … I caught a bad cold over the weekend. Now I’m so sick and tired…of being sick and tired, but these tunes shall help! 🙂













photo cred
Jewelry Rill Rill
iPhone cases Debbie Carlos
Vanity unknown
Bedding Safe House USA
Surfboards Reena Spauldings Gallery
Poster Kristina Krogh


“My youngest daughter, Annisa, clearly had a problem with her recalcitrant tooth fairy […] I have no doubt that her finely tuned negotiating skills were developed as a result.” – Carolyn in Brooklyn

oh snap! This little find came to mind reading Anni$a’s note. Not my favorite genre of music but looove his raspy rocky tone of his voice. Cover done right! 😉

go on distractify for more amazing kids notes.


What a good reminder for audio engineers, music producers, and the like, the character between the space between notes. 



 I’m no expert drummer.. but oh man, these guys can drum. Can you believe that these guys i.e. performers have separate day jobs and they’re called  Top Secret Drum Corps



It’s Friday (!!!!!!) and I have no idea what’s going on here. Shot and edited by Simon Panrucker, starring his nieces. 

Wishing you a happy weekend!